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 Please note you should read the FFxi Glossary  before going through the site, so if you see two or three letters beside a picture or a name you will understand what it means ty and have a nice day.

Welcome to My profile on Final Fantasy xi, this site will show you my progress in the game, I like to let you know, it will be updated alot on my profile and Monsters killed. I also like to mention That i'm not going to take credit for the page set up, the data i woked on i will take credit for, but the page design the credit goes to my good friend Roomel.  

I forgot to say to all my ffxi friends you can explore my whole website and i don't mind. to get to my real life page click on My Main Home Page.  Everything is fixed up. thank you for waiting, there will be more updates all the errors and mistakes are fixed.

          This is a goup Snapshot of the Knightsoftheley Family Linkshell. 

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