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Welcome to Gabriel Vezina's webpage!

Gabriel was born on July/28/2001. He was born in the Kingston General hospital. When he was two me and his mother had a huge blow out, and then she left me. I haven't seen my son for almost 7 and a half years. But I know one thing is, I love him, and he will always be in my world and heart, no matter what! How I got gabriel his name, I was watching a movie call the prophecy, with Christopher Walkens. Christopher Walkens played as the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel likes to play ball hockey he is good at being a defensemen, its the playoffs so he is going to play as a goalie, Gabriel likes to play grand theft auto, He likes to watch planes fly by real smart for his age me and his mother are talking for a few months and soon i will be having my little boy i still love both gabriel and his mom. this has been updated June 3rd 2009.
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