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The history of the Vezina family, and Georges Vezina


The very first Vezina's arrived in North America sometime after 1652. The Vezina's have been in North America for 353 years now. The first Vezina's that came to North America were Jacques Vezina and Marie Boisdon. Jacques and Marie had 4 children, and ever since the 6 came to North America the family tree branches of the Vezina's spread all over North America. Down the branches of the Vezina's is my fifth cousin Georges and me, but this is nothing to do with me because I have a link to my page that is about me. This is the history about my family before Georges or I were even born. Now time to get back to Georges. He was born on January 22 1887, in a town named Chicoutimi, Quebec. Georges married a beautiful woman named Marie-Adelaide-Stella Morin at the age of 21. Georges vezina had 24 children, but only two were still alive; the other 22 died during infancy. Georges never skated until he was eighteen in 1905. After 1905, Georges was playing hockey. Georges was playing for a hockey team named the Chicoutimi Sagueneens. In 1909-1910, he was discovered by George Kennedy, the owner of the Montreal Canadiens. From 1910- 1926, he played for the Montreal Canadiens. During the time he played for the Canadiens, he helped win two Stanley Cups; one in 1916 when they beat Portland, and in 1924 when they beat Calgary, for the Stanly Cup. After he finished playing hockey in 1926, he died on March 27, 1926 from Tuberculosis. Georges had a Trophy named after him, which is called the Vezina Trophy, which is awarded to the best goalie for that position. I have read information on him about how he was the best hockey goalie. Back then, when he was under pressure, he would do his job, in the best way he could do. If he was alive today I would tell him that I am proud to be a cousin of his, and that I would never forget him. I am proud to be a member of the Vezina family.

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