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Welcome to John Vezina's webpage and have a very nice day!

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This song is always me all the time.

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This is for most of my ex's

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This is me and my best friend's song

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this is my favorite love song

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About me!
My name is John Vezina. I am from
Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario Canada.
I have two sisters and one brother. Their names are Andrew, Sherry, and Samantha. I have a son named Gabriel. And no, his mother and me are not together anymore, just in case you are wondering. I am also related to one of the most famous hockey goalies in history that died in 1926. His named is Georges Vezina. I am also studying Creative Writing, and when I am done I want to write novels, and also write movie manuscripts. My full date of birth is, November 26, 1978. My nationalities are Irish, Scottish, British,  Dutch, German, Native, Canadian.

My Hobbies
I Like watching wrestling. I also like watching Smallville too. I like watching all kinds of movies from action to drama, and I also love playing video games. My favorite games are wrestling, racing and first person shooting games. I also love playing Socom Navy Seals II, and when I play on Socom 2, my username is gravano. You can also e-mail me to tell me what you think.

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