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I have a gift when I dream it come true in the future.

When I have these dreams, they come true, from a day, or two, a week, or six months, a year, or two.

My first dream I had was, when I was in grade 8. On a Friday night, I had a dream of going to my classroom at 8:30 am. when we first went to the room there was a bunch of paper balls on my teacher's desk. It came true on the next Monday.

My second dream that I can remember that happen in my dream and then came true in one week. I was living with one of my old best friend's Chuck anderson, when I had a dream of going to the park for fire works. When one on my schoolmates pointed at me and said that's him. I asked erica why she pointed at me, she said because she knew me.

My Third dream, I can remember, was 12 months before my son was born. What it happened in was actually was how my son came out.

My fourth dream, scared my to death. a year before something that freaked me out came true. on sept 11 2001, I had the dream where the second plane hit the twin towers. I went to work and when I got home. My ex told me that four planes attacked crashed in the states. when I saw the news showing the second plane hitting the twin towers. I was so upset my ex asked why I was so upset I told her why and she said who cares it's not our problem. I told her it affects everyone whether you admited. For all the people that lost their love ones I really feel sorry, and wished it had never happen. And for all of New York residents, I admire your how you all came to gether and helped clean New York.

last night Jan/18/05 I had a dream that came true I was playing Socom 2, I was playing on the seals side when one of the guys asked me a question, I did remember In my dream of a score of 7 kills on the game and 5 dreaths , also 5 head shots.

That is all the dreams I can remember. Thank you so much for reading my dreams.
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