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Name: Gravano
Race: Human
Nation: Bastok
Residence: Bastok
Rank: 5
Linkshell: thenWofamily

Friend lists: 195 / 200

Current Main jobs and Sub jobs:
For Soloing

  • Dragoon: Level  46
  • Warrior: level 30
  • For Parties
  • Dragoon: Level  46
  • Warrior: level 30 
  • Jobs and at what Level:

  • Warrior: level 30 
  • Monk: level 16
  • White Mage: level 10 
  • Black Mage: level 12
  • Red Mage: level 20
  • Thief: level 15
  • Paladin: Don't have yet 
  • Dark knight: Level 4
  • Beastmaster: Level 5
  • Ranger: Level 12
  • Bard: Don't have yet
  • Summoner:  Level 4
  • Samurai: Don't have yet
  •  Ninja: Level 15
  • Dragoon: Level 46 - New Update
  • Blue Mage: Cooming soon
  • Corsair: comming soon
  •   Puppetmaster: Comming Soon
  • These three jobs under the Dragoon wont be available until after April 19 2006 sorry
  •         HI friends and family, I asked a few oppions about my final fantasy xi page,if they like it better with all my jobs and stats on one page they said no its to clutter, so I asked them if they would like it if it would be better doing a page of every job on their one page and they liked the idea.

            I'm trying to make this site better and improved during the weeks I'm going to put more stuff on the site and get more pages like armour and stuff, thank you roomel for the template for my pages. 

            I like to mention tha all the jobs will have a snap shot of what they look like as that job. the mobs killed page is under construction sorry it will be back up in running asap

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